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The following article was written by ASU Business and Finance.

"ASU Print Sustainability Assessment: The First Step to Carbon Neutrality

The ASU-Canon Strategic Alliance Partnership works to create cost-effective, customized printing solutions that support the university’s Sustainability Goals and Initiatives. In an effort to assess key areas where the university can increase savings and benefit the environment, the partnership conducted a Sustainability Assessment across all four campuses.

After the mapping of 6,660 copiers, fax machines, printers and scanners ranging from production-level devices to personal-desktop printers, findings demonstrated that the university could save nearly $1.9 million (36 percent) by making small changes in the way it prints.

For example, University Technology Office (UTO) now uses Canon’s state-of-the-art technology to meet the copy, print and scan needs of their department. It reduced twelve copiers and printers down to three Canon multifunctional devices capable of accomplishing the same tasks more efficiently. Not only does this help lower UTO’s energy and paper consumption, it also saves thousands of dollars in toner.

Additional areas within the university are currently working with Canon to develop customized printing plans and help reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Any ASU college or department interested in learning how to become more print sustainable should schedule a free site assessment with a Canon representative.

For more information about the ASU-Canon partnership’s commitment to building a Sustainable Digital University, click here." - SOURCE