Print Anywhere - Account Refunds

The recently implemented Print Anywhere billing upgrade makes it easier to pay for printing, copying and scanning on-campus. As of December 29, 2014, all Print Anywhere charges now appear on your My ASU account under the Finances tab. This upgrade eliminates the need to fund an account prior to using the system.

If you had funds remaining on your Print Anywhere account, you will be refunded one of two ways:

  • For customers who funded Online - PayPal will send you an email within 120 days with instructions on how to accept your refund.
  • For customers who funded at PrintU - Return to the PrintU Copy Center located on the lower level of Memorial Union.

Please review your email sent January 8, 2015 to determine how your refund will be issued.

Please note the following timeline for the upgrade:

  • The upgraded Print Anywhere payment system is now live
  • New Print Anywhere charges appear on your My ASU account
  • The refund period began January 5, 2015 and may take up to 120 days

Below are Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you send my refund in the mail or to a different PayPal account?
    • Due to security concerns we cannot send checks through the mail or refund remaining balances to different PayPal accounts.
  • What if I use a Print Anywhere Guest Card?
    • Please continue to use the card and its associated funds normally. When the card balance expires, visit a Sun Devil Bookstore to purchase a new pre-funded Print Anywhere Guest Card.
  • How do I view my charges on My ASU?
    • First log in to My ASU then click the Finances tab to view your balance owed. Each transaction from a Print Anywhere device will create a new line item for the type of charge. (i.e. Print CLR, Print B/W, Copy CLR, Copy B/W, and Scan)
  • Will pricing be affected by this change?
    • Pricing will remain the same at $0.12/page for B&W and $0.50/page for Color letter size (8.5x11) printing. Scanning will also remain the same at $0.02/page (any size).

Charges may take up one week to show up on your My ASU account. Charges of $25 or more are eligible for late fee assessment. Review ASU's Late Fee Policy for assessment details and past due account balance minimums. ASU's preferred payment method is eCheck, but you may pay in person using cash at any Cashiering Services Office on your respective campus.


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