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Print Anywhere - Laptop Printing

Download and install a print driver below to send print jobs from your personal computer to any Print Anywhere copier on campus. Select the appropriate download based on your computer's operating system and your location. For Windows computers, drivers are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. When printing, ensure you are connected to ASU Wireless and enter your ASURITE UserID into the popup window that appears after pressing print. Print to the ASU Print Anywhere BW printer installed on your computer to print in black and white. To print in color select the ASU Print Anywhere Color printer and release your print job at a color enabled copier.

Need help downloading and installing? Visit any ASU Technology Studio for free tech support!

Download links below will take you to Dropbox. Alternatively, drivers can be downloaded on My Apps by searching for "Print Anywhere".

Tempe Campus Drivers:

Downtown, West, Polytechnic and Havasu Drivers: