Sustainable Digital University®

When ASU and Canon partnered in 2007, they agreed to build a Sustainable Digital University. Today the ASU-Canon Strategic Alliance Partnership is committed to Arizona State University's efforts to become completely sustainable and carbon neutral by 2035.

Print Assessments help to reduce the number of desktop printers on campus. When departments replace multiple inkjet printers with a single multifunction copier they save money, increase productivity and become more sustainable. Document Scanning also aids in sustainability by reducing paper dependency while increasing document security. The PrintU Copy Center meets the demand for high volume printing while using less energy by utilizing production print devices. And finally, our public print service, Print Anywhere, uses 100% recycled paper.  

Sustainability Report (FY16 Q3)

  • 229 trees saved
  • 194,820 gal of water saved
  • 21,010 lbs of CO2 reduced
  • 100% of devices are duplex ready
  • 100% of devices are Energy Star Certified

Green Printing Tips

  • Always print and copy two-sided
  • Use high qaulity 100% recycled paper
  • Recycle spent supplies (Canon toner cartridges are 100% recyclable)

Consolidating desktop printers into fewer multifunction copiers. 

  • Reduces energy consumption and inkjet cartridge waste
  • Uses less paper by printing and copying two-sided by default
  • Automatically powering into Energy Saving mode when not in use
  • Provides an input device for a future digital document workflow
  • Toner outperforms inkjet cartridges, costing less per page

Higher levels of productivity and less downtime for students, staff and faculty.

  • Supplies provided and delivered to campus offices
  • Service repair in under four hours from Canon technicians
  • Complementary on-site device training and troubleshooting
  • High volume printing taking place on production level equipment

Eco-conscious features of Canon Multifunction Copiers

  • Toner Saving Mode - Provides 20% more economical toner usage
  • Auto-Duplexing - Two-sided printing and copying saves up to 50% of paper
  • Image Combination - Multiple pages on a sheet saves up to 75% of paper
  • Auto Sleep Time - Low power mode when the device is not in use
  • ENERGY STAR - 25% more efficient than conventional models
  • Recycled Plastics - Reprocessing old plastics into useful materials 
  • Bio-Based Plastics - Incorporates plant-based and organic components
  • RAPID Fusing System - Fast warm-up speeds and drastically reduced energy consumption by up to 80% as compared to conventional fixing
  • White LED Scanning - A brighter light source that lowers energy consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional xexon lamps