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Teach For America

Download and install a driver below to print from your computer to any TFA copier. After installation you will have a new printer installed. Print to "ASU Print Anywhere Tempe BW" on a Windows laptop and "BWQueue" on a MacBook. Enter your Affiliate ID (e.g. TFA001) into the popup to associate the print job with your card. Then swipe your card at any available copier to release your print.

Printing FAQs

  • Not printing with the correct format or font? Try saving the document as a PDF and then printing.
  • Print job not showing up on the copier? Make sure you're printing to the BW (Black and White) queue.
  • Card not logging in? Try swiping your card again slowly and watch for a green LED on the card swipe.
  • Receiving "Failed to Contact the Popup Server"? Connect to ASU WiFi and allow network traffic through port 28203.

Print/Copy Locations

  • HAV F Wing 101 - 5 Copiers
  • HAV G Wing 110 - 2 Copiers
  • HAV A Wing 121 - 2 Copiers
  • HAV A Wing 125 - 2 Copiers
  • HAV A Wing 103 - 2 Copiers (Staff)